lørdag, juni 11, 2005

Finland - allergic to immigrants

man kan gentage sin undren over at moralpolitiet, riksdagen og Beate Winckler, helt har overset Finland. De faldende fødselstal som omtales, er ifølge økonomiprofessor Christen Sørensen* en overdreven frygt. I al fald i Danmark. Vi har 2 problemer: "Integrationen" og kvaliteten af uddannelsessystemet.
A Blond Nation, in a Bind on Immigrants
By Robert G. KaiserWashington Post Staff WriterSaturday, June 11, 2005; Page A12
HELSINKI -- Finland is Europe's most homogenous society, a nation of mostly blond ethnic Finns whose declining birthrate creates the classic 21st-century European dilemma: a fast-growing population of senior citizens whose promised benefits under a generous welfare state will soon be unaffordable.
Castells, the sociologist, calls Finland's government "the most legitimate government in Europe," meaning it enjoys the highest degree of acceptance and deference from its people. That is one of the reasons, Finns say, that immigration is such a delicate issue. Opposition to it is widespread, by many accounts, but also muted.

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