mandag, august 08, 2005

Prevention is better than cure

efter års svensk kriminal-og retsreportage, har jeg lært mig dette: Lad være med at blive offer for en forbrydelse. Flygt, bevæbn dig, forsvar dig på enhver måde, vær din egen polis - men vær for guds skyld ikke blandt de 70.000 ofre for anmeldt vold og voldtægt.(Mørketallet er stort)
Se offret
Vi har svårt för det levande, mänskliga, trasiga
brottsoffret i det svenska rättssystemet. Att alls tänka på offret är första
steget mot en hämndinriktad gammeltestamentlig brutal rättvisa, sägs det. Så det låter vi bli.Hur ska man annars kunna förstå att våldsbrott mot enskilda personer, som våldtäkter och misshandel, bedöms som så lindriga medan ekonomisk brottslighet och narkotikabrott leder till mångåriga fängelsestraff ?...................................
"As a Muslim of course I am a terrorist.”
for engangs skyld - befriende klarspråk. No nonsense, no doublespeak - til det tidpunkt han siger at The Times har misforstået ham.
The reporter witnessed one of the sect’s leading figures, Sheikh Omar Brooks, telling a young audience, including children, that it was the duty of Muslims to be terrorists and boasting, just days before the July 7 attacks, that he wanted to die as a suicide bomber.
After the attacks that claimed 52 lives, another key figure, Zachariah, justified them by saying that the victims were not “innocent” people because they did not abide by strict Islamic laws. In the immediate aftermath the sect’s leader, Omar Bakri Mohammed, said: “For the past 48 hours I’m very happy.” Two weeks later he referred to the bombers as the “fantastic four”.
The Saviour Sect was established 10 months ago when its predecessor group Al-Muhajiroun was disbanded after coming under close scrutiny by the authorities. Its members meet in secret in halls, followers’ homes and parks. They are so opposed to the British state that they see it as their duty to make no economic contribution to the nation. One member warned our undercover reporter against getting a job because it would be contributing to the kuffar (non-Muslim) system.
Instead, the young follower, Nasser, who receives £44 job seekers’ allowance a week, said it was permissible to “live off benefits”, just as the prophet Mohammed had lived off the state while attacking it at the same time. Even paying car insurance was seen as supporting the system. “All the (Saviour Sect) brothers drive without insurance,” he said.
The reporter became a member of the sect three weeks before the July 7 bombings. From the start he was taught that it was his duty to destroy the kuffar. Moderate Muslims who did not believe in the overthrow of the British government and its replacement by an Islamic state were held in equal disdain.

Speaking to a group of teenagers and families, he declared it was imperative for Muslims to “instil terror into the hearts of the kuffar” and added: “I am a terrorist. As a Muslim of course I am a terrorist.”
In public interviews Bakri condemned the killing of all innocent civilians. Later when he addressed his own followers he explained that he had in fact been referring only to Muslims as only they were innocent: “Yes I condemn killing any innocent people, but not any kuffar.”,,2087-1724541,00.html
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