søndag, februar 05, 2006

"The islamic Hypocrisy"

Harvard law professor Allan Dershowitz in DR danish television about the daily, deeply offensive anti christian and jewish cartoons in the muslim press.

DR 2, Deadline, from min 11:32, directlink


Question is not whether a new world war is beginning. Question is what we should call it.
Please leave
Dear muslims,

If you do not like my country, please leave.
If you do not like the way our women dress, please leave.
If you do not like our separation of politics and religion, please leave.
If you support violent responses to criticism of Islam, please leave.
If you support terrorism in any way, shape or form, please leave.
If you cannot accept satirical cartoons in our newspapers, please leave.
If you do not support democracy or the freedom of speech, please leave my country.

Islam, here is your apology.
Lone Noergaard, danish writer in www.politiken.dk saturday
Sorry Sorry Sorry,
Sorry Saudi-Arabia
Sorry for being a woman
Sorry I don't wear a scarf
Sorry I am not submissive to my sons.
Sorry that I believe in freedom of speech.
Sorry that I walk the street without a male escort.
Sorry that I drink alcohol
Sorry that I drive a car.
Sorry that I eat pork.
Sorry that I keep a dog.
I'm sorry that I thought danish law was applicable in Denmark.
Sorry sorry sorry sorry, where is the emergency exit?


and so on and so forth
all from arab papers latter half of 2005

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