torsdag, marts 31, 2005

I t´s the working class that bears the burden

Nogot sossokratierna har det med at glömma, kanske fordi de inte är arbetarpartier längare, och fordi deras medlemmar inte häller är det:
Jonathan Power International Herald TribuneFriday, April 1, 2005ImmigrationSTOCKHOLM
It's the working class that bears most of the cost of absorbing new immigrants, whether it be in France, the United States or Malaysia, but the middle class dominates the debate, forging an alliance in its favor across the political spectrum - liberals who want to be multicultural, and conservatives who argue for the free market and open borders.Two new academic reports challenge the conventional wisdom that immigration is an unalloyed good for the economies of developed societies. George Borjas, a Harvard professor of economics, has published a study for the Center of Immigration Studies in which he argues that when immigration increases the supply of workers, the earnings of native-born workers fall significantly. A parallel study by two professors of economics at Columbia University, Donald Davis and David Weinstein, shows that the net loss for native-born Americans is $70 billion a year and increases as the immigrant population grows.........................................................
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