søndag, april 03, 2005

Den svarta ekonomi

I andre Eurostat lande ville i al fald den sorte alkohol fylde mindre i regnskabet. Iflg. Weekendavisen dec. 2004, gavner den ubeslutsomme svenske alkoholpolitik den danske statskasse med en halv milliard kroner.I virkeligheden er Systemets monopol forsvundet. Mer end hver 3. drukne genstand stammer andre steder fra.Riksdagen er sejlet agterud.

Sweden Maps Value of Illegal Purchases
Swedes spend about 5.5 billion kronor (euro600 million; US$780 million) a year on illegal drugs, prostitutes and black-market alcohol and tobacco, the country's statistics agency said Friday. The estimate was produced by Statistics Sweden at the request of Eurostat, the European Union's statistics office, as part of an effort to get an overview of the economic value of such transactions in the different EU countries.
Some EU countries already include these figures in their gross domestic product, but Sweden does not. If the value of Swedes' most common illegal purchases were to be included in official economic data, it would increase the country's GDP by about 3.7 billion kronor , or 0.15 percent, Statistics Sweden said. The Scandinavian country's GDP was 2.54 trillion kronor in 2004.

According to the estimate, which Statistics Sweden noted was "very uncertain," Swedes annually spend about 2.3 billion kronor on drugs and 1.7 billion kronor on smuggled alcohol a year. Moonshine, or home-distilled alcohol, annually sells for 700 mio kronor, while 600 million kronor are spent on prostitutes. An additional 200 million kronor is spent on smuggled cigarettes, the statistics agency said. Sweden has about 9 million residents.
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