mandag, april 11, 2005

EU studerer dansk fremmedpolitik

- og hvis den også var Göran Perssons sengelæsning, ville han i al fald aldrig indrømme det.,,2089-1562672_2,00.html
The Sunday Times - World
Tough rules slash asylum in Denmark

Peter Conradi, Copenhagen

The Danish government is undaunted, claiming the cut in new arrivals has provided a breathing space that helps immigrants who have already settled in the country.
“Up until the end of the 1990s, our communities had a tough time integrating the new people moving in because they came in larger and larger numbers,” said Hvilshoj.
The Danish example is already being followed in Holland, another once-liberal country where politics have been dominated by asylum, immigration and integration since the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the populist anti-immigration politician, in 2002.
The Dutch government tightened the rules on immigration last November, introducing a “21-year-old” rule on marriages. Despite signs of a growing liberal backlash, it is also pushing ahead with the gradual expulsion of 26,000 asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected.
Britain’s Home Office — concerned about forced marriages among some British Asians — has said it is also studying suggestions that both partners in marriages involving someone from outside the EU should be over 21.
Immigration is an increasingly prominent political issue in Germany, where Joschka Fischer, the foreign minister, has been under fire since it emerged that his ministry had handed out thousands of visas to Ukrainians posing as tourists who then entered the country to work illegally, many as prostitutes.
Other countries, however, are moving in the opposite direction to Denmark.
Spain’s Socialist government announced
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