tirsdag, april 19, 2005

Swedens legal limbo

der er kort sagt ikke rigtig tjek på hvem der er i landet. Estimeret 30.000 illegale asylsøgere, nylig vendte en mildt dømt dobbeltmorder tilbage fra Balkan, for at fortsætte hvor han slap........... eller denne type, slipper med 3 mdr.s fængsel for mord, fordi han skal udvises, men kan være tilbage når det passer ham:
bedre at lade sig myrde et andet sted !
War Criminals Find Shelter in Swedish 'Legal Limbo'
Tue Apr 19, 2005 08:50 AM ET By Stephen Brown
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - War criminals and human rights violators from Afghanistan, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans find refuge in Sweden where they are protected from repatriation and never prosecuted, officials and activists say.
A respected voice on human rights which is quick to denounce abuses abroad, Sweden was one of the most vocal European Union members demanding in March that Croatia find war crime suspect Ante Gotovina before starting negotiations to join the EU.
But Sweden itself has only one policeman investigating human rights abusers who have found refuge on its own soil. He reckons as many as 1,000 live here, protected from deportation by a U.N. convention and with little risk of being brought to justice.
"If someone sits down and goes through the immigration files he or she will easily find several hundred or maybe a thousand potential war criminals," detective superintendent Hans Olvebro, the Swedish police's one-man war crimes unit, told Reuters.
Human rights groups say the situation undermines Sweden's international reputation as a pioneer in asylum law and has led to cases where victims of torture who have found refuge here have bumped into their tormentors on the streets of Stockholm.
It contrasts with the government's recent refusal to stop the deportation of about 150 child asylum-seekers suffering from trauma and depression. It argued that bending the rules would only encourage more such cases.
Frida Blom of human rights group Swedish Peace called it "really hollow" for Sweden to tout itself as a champion of the persecuted but have one person investigating war crimes whereas Denmark has a Special International Crimes Office with 17 staff.
Denmark set up the unit to investigate former Iraqi army chief Nizar al-Khazraji, suspected of chemical weapons attacks on Kurds under Saddam Hussein. Seeking refuge in Denmark, he was put under house arrest there but went missing in 2003.............................................................
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