fredag, juni 03, 2005

Etnificerede norske voldtægtstal

som svarer næsten præcist til de seneste danske. Det er nok sidste gang de offentliggør dem i Norge. Og hvordan ser sandheden ud i Sverige, der har over 3 gange så mange anmeldte voldtægter, 2600 ?
Oslo rape statistics shock
Two out of three charged with rape in Norway's capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. The number of rape cases is also rising steadily.The study is the first where the crime statistics have been analyzed according to ethnic origin. Of the 111 charged with rape in Oslo last year, 72 were of non-western ethnic origin, 25 are classified as Norwegian or western and 14 are listed as unknown..................
While 65 percent of those charged with rape are classed as coming from a non-western background, this segment makes up only 14.3 percent of Oslo's population. Norwegian women were the victims in 80 percent of the cases, with 20 percent being women of foreign background.............................
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