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"Yet another Victory for Swedish Hypocrisy"

Waiting for Muhammed?
by swedish art historian LB.
Everybody seems to have forgotten the self-censurship of the Tate Gallery and The Gothenburg Art Museeum last year.
Who are actually responsible for the escalating Muslim violence against Denmark and the newspaper Jyllands-Posten?
There is no doubt that a few"danish" imams are deeply involved. They went to several countries in the Middle East in order to persuade their fellow believers to attack Denmark because of the publishing of a few harmless caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed.
But in order to inflame the situation the imams not only showed Jyllands-Postens caricatures but they also added some malicious portraits of their own to make it even worse.
One of these pictures, which hasnothing to do with Jyllands-Posten, depicts the Prophet Muhammed copulating with a pig. And the reactions were, of course, immediate and violent.
Instead of supporting freedom of speech in Denmark, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter accused it´s Danish colleagues several times for having published caricatures of the prophet Muhammed that the newspaper pretends to be not only insulting but rasist. The chief editor claims that this is the main reason why Dagens Nyheter has chosen not to publish the pictures,in spite of the fact that the newspaper has written about them every dayfor the past two weeks.
Thus, the readers have to use the net in order tojudge whether these caricatures really are rasist or not.
On sunday 06-02-06, however, Dagens Nyheter published a caricature of it´s own in connection with the escalation of the conflict. Compared withJyllands-Postens caricatures this one is really nasty and humiliating.
Look at the picture of a pig standing behind the door of a mosque with his trousers drawn down waiting for anal intercourse. With whom we may ask? By those who are praying in the mosque, of course, who else?
It might also perhaps be interpreted as a paraphrase of the malicious portrait of the Prophet Muhammed that the Danish imams brought to the Middle East in order to set Muslims against the Danes?
But there is no portrait of the Prophet in Dagens Nyheters picture, his presence is only implicit.
Congratulations! At least Dagens Nyheter can not be accused for having published a malicious portrait of the Prophet. So the violent iconclasts in the Muslim world can take a deep breath and continue to hunt Danes.
Yet another victory for the Swedish hypocrisy ?

leading editorial that followed the drawing

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