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not exactly surprising: Migrationwatch reports that children born of two British born parents, are now a minority in several large english cities. 49 % of all children in London, are born by foreign born mothers. In certain parts of the city, up to 66 %
In Inner London 57% of all births are to foreign-born mothers. [6] (foto: London yesterday)
Demonstrators have gathered for a second day in central London to voice their disgust at cartoons satirising the prophet Mohammed.
One speaker told the crowd they were demanding an end to "vilification".
"If you want to debate and criticise then we are ready and we have been waiting, but we are not going to accept these images," he said.
He called on "the governments of the Muslim world to completely sever all contact with European governments" until they had "controlled the media".

Danish defiance


Threaten One, Intimidate a Million
By Henryk M. Broder
A couple of simple caricatures printed in a Danish newspaper has the Arab world outraged. Unfortunately, the paper apologized for the Muhammad-critical cartoons and democratic values lost out to totalitarian ideology.
In Germany and the rest of free Europe, one likes to talk about the necessity of learning from the past, of helping newcomers to the democratic club and of supporting stable democracies. Over sixty years after the end of the Nazi regime, everyone is determined not to let such a group rise to power again. But the reality is that our real options when confronted with such a force are somewhat modest. A dozen faux-Nazis being elected to the Saxony state parliament was enough to plunge the established parties into frenetic helplessness. The late German television personality Johannes Gross -- a political conservative who possessed an acute sense of history -- once said: "The resistance to Hitler and his kind will only grow the further the Third Reich recedes into the past."
One shudders to imagine how the political classes would react if the country were threatened -- from the right or the left -- by a real totalitarian movement.
Obviously concerned about the threats against the Danes, the Norwegian government -- rich and not reliant on Arabian crude oil -- opted to take preventative action.
A statement released by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry via the country's ambassadors stationed in Islamic countries indicated that Norway "understands the anger and dismay" that Muslims feel as a result of the drawings.
The impulse for the Norwegian statement was provided by an Oslo newspaper, which published the drawings out of solidarity with Jyllands Posten. Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store criticized the decision as being "not positive for the dialogue between different cultures and people of different religions." But what should one call such a statement? Preventative capitulation? Suicide out of fear of death?
A contribution to a multicultural life in which one side acts insulted and the other side promptly takes distance from itself? Or perhaps simply: The interplay of extortion and opportunism.

"International day of anger"
If you get rid of the Danes, you'll have to keep paying the Danegeld
It's some time since I visited Palestine, so I may be out of date, but I don't remember seeing many Danish flags on sale there. Not much demand, I suppose. I raise the question because, as soon as the row about the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten broke, angry Muslims popped up in Gaza City, and many other places, well supplied with Danish flags ready to burn. (In doing so, by the way, they offered a mortal insult to the most sacred symbol of my own religion, Christianity, since the Danish flag has a cross on it, but let that pass.
Now the BBC announces that the head of the International Association of Muslim Scholars has called for an "international day of anger" about the cartoons. It did not name this scholar, or tell us who he is. He is Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. According to Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, Qaradawi is like Pope John XXIII for Catholics, "the most progressive force for change" in the Muslim world.
Yet if you look up Qaradawi's pronouncements, you find that he sympathises with the judicial killing of homosexuals, and wants the rejection of dialogue with Jews in favour of "the sword and the rifle". He is very keen on suicide bombing, especially if the people who blow themselves up are children - "we have the children bomb". This is a man for whom a single "day of anger" is surely little different from the other 364 days of the year.

Saudi so called newpapers
are satisfied with the situation and the heroic boycott.They are not hard to please.
What will the government tell them to write tomorrow?
‘Cartoons Infused Muslims With a Spirit of Defiance’
Arab News
JEDDAH, 4 February 2006 — An influential imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah proclaimed a new spirit of defiance among Muslims after worldwide protests over cartoons denigrating the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in European newspapers.
“A great new spirit is flowing through the body of the Islamic Ummah... The world can no longer ignore this Ummah and its feelings,” Saleh Bin-Humaid said while delivering his Friday sermon.
“The nation has worked hard in support of its Prophet Muhammad in recent days. It is the right of every Muslim to show joy at this defense of our beloved Prophet,” he told hundreds of thousands of faithful who packed the Grand Mosque........................


Jyllandsposten in BBC Hard Talk
Jyllandspostens cultural editor Flemming Rose in the studio with imam Abu Laban, connected to almost every radical islamist in Europe for the past 2o years. Recently the radicals in the Milan mosque, Italy. (recorded in Copenhagen - not online yet, saturday morning.)


Strengthened government
"First opinion poll shows a strenghtened government and a weakended socialdemocracy and opposition. A minority is critical towards Jyllandsposten, but the vast majorty supports it.
The lack of support from Britain and the US, is due to british and american culture, empires and much longer tradtion af "political correctness". A culture that has produced words such as "afro-americans" and other sensitive expressions for suppressed women, gays, handicapped and other minorities."
"Danes have a strong national feeling, and are not used to be challenged by anyone in their own country. Without being chauvinist, they fight back."

Editorial in:http://www.bt.dk/popup:print=418528

PM Naser Khader : Do us all a favour
Please leave the country
"If the imams don´t like the atmosphere here, then leave and settle in those islamic countries you apparently like better, such as Saudi Arabia. They are based on muslim values , which you seem to prefer and feel more loyal to. No one forces them to live here. You are not loyal to the values of this country, so do everyone a favour, just leave"
Maybe the government will see to that they do.


There are 24 millions pigs in Denmark. And a great deal of dogs - very haram also. The english, the japaneese, the italians loves pork and bacon. For how long can we keep them ? They are valuable foreign currency.
Never before has a small minority tried to impose their way of living upon us. For 400 years the jews never did. Now 200.000 muslims wants to dictate us. No f....way. Go and become someone els´ pain in the ass.
(We of course have to thank our former socialdemocratic governmet and the UN , for the blessing of these militant "refugees". They won´t return before their countries have become democracies. Which of course - will not happen in a foreseeable future.
In the meatime they will work their buts out to destroy ours. The dane´s won´t accept it, and that is the encouraging message these days sends to us: We are not surrendering to islamofascism, and we are not giving our land willingly to the sons of a psychotic prophet from the year 700. This is the clear message the "cartoons" sends to the world. Futhermor - they may have an effect as a european eye-opener.
Go back and make your own countries work, if thats possible at all. If not - thats your own fault and the failure of clans to build societies. Alternative suggestion : build your own United Failed Nations.
We are fed up with the Qouran and it´s teachings. A book "without the slightest litterary qualities what so ever", as Schopenhauer puts it.
A book that, " as the moon takes it´s light from the sun, the Qouran takes it´s light from the Bible" (Kierkegaard).
If it hand´t been militant, violent and costly, no one would have cared. But as it is - we face the new ísm - the successor of nazism and communism

Dutch paper
De Volksrant
Threatened with bombing. Webpage down, probably hacked by "the religion of peace"

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