torsdag, februar 02, 2006

DN - Dhimmi News

Swedish readers views differs dramatically from that of their mostly left-wing journalists.

Facing Mecca ?
Wrong direction. Straight east is Moscow. As no one turned up to burn Qurans yesterday, muslims spread their mats and began praying facing the Copenhagen Town Hall.
(from Swedish newpaper, Sydsvenskan)
Moscow, Russia 55 45 N 37 36 E 8:00 p.m
Copenhagen, Denmark 55 40 N 12 34 E 6:00 p.m.

When the cartoons was published i september 2005
5000 muslims staged a demonstration in the Town Hall Square. foto © webmaster

Imams should leave the country
DF, Danish Peoples Party, the 3. largest party in parlaiment, wants to kick out imams who have hurt danish interests and spread misinformation in the Middle East.
"Some do not hold citizenship, and it´s only fair to revise our view on their future precence in Denmark" chairman Pia Kjærsgaard says.
The leading government party Venstre, agrees: "We cannot live with their activities", says MP for Venstre, Jens Rohde. "We have opened ours doors for them, and they enjouy the liberties of our country".
"But right now is not the time for further decisions in the matter."

Update: As the conservative party now agreees to an investigation, the parlaiment has a majority in the issue.

Imam Abu Laban

: Journalist: Why do you speak with two tongues?

"It´s all a mistake. I did not know the microfone was on. You journalists always cut my sentences so that I´m misunderstood".

"This is a declaration of war"

says norwegian Mullah Krekar to NRK TV 2. "It´s war against our religion, our belief and our civilisation".

"Wether the danish and norwegian government apologizes, matters nothing. The war has started"

Well, Krekar. Thanks for letting us know. The norwegians has been trying to expell him for a long time. Maybe this is their chance.

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