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209 danish homepages hacked in a week

Violent cyber attacks on Denmark
"More than 200 danish organisations, companies and private homepages has been hacked in a week" Berlinske Tidende reports today.
It´s the first time we experience large scale political hacking. Since thursday 209 danish homepages has been hacked.
The attacks follow the "muhammed row" and is known as "hacktivism" in IT terms.
more details here in danish:

PM to discuss cartoons with envoys
The prime minister and the foreign minister will meet with all foreign ambassadors in Denmark tomorrow to discuss the Mohammed caricatures
PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called all ambassadors in Denmark to a meeting on Friday to discuss the situation surrounding Jyllands-Posten's publication of the Mohammed caricatures.
At the meeting, the prime minister's office will present its own opinion of the matter, it announced on Thursday.

'Like Jesus with an erect penis'
Caricatures of Mohammed are the same as portraits of Jesus with an erect penis, according to vice prime minister Bendt Bendtsen. Freedom of expression is important, but so is respect for other people, according to vice prime minister Bendt Bendtsen.
Bendtsen, the chairman of the conservative party and minister of economic and business affairs, said in an interview with daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten that freedom of speech was an important right, but it also carried with it an obligation to use good judgement.
Jyllands-Posten's decision to publish 12 caricatures of Mohammed has created a row that has pitted Denmark against the Muslim world.
'What Jyllands-Posten did is totally legal. I've got nothing against freedom of speech - it is important for us all - but if it can offend and hurt a lot of people, why use freedom of speech for that? This is about respecting other people's cultures,' Bendtsen said.
Bendtsen compared the 12 Jyllands-Posten caricatures of Mohammed to pictures of Jesus with an erect penis painted by Danish artist Jens Jørgen Thorsen.........................

Imams accused of doublespeak
By The Copenhagen Post
Danish imams are blamed for fanning the flames of the on-going conflict over Mohammed caricatures by saying one thing in Danish and something else in Arabic......................

"Denmark, don´t apologize"
Egyptian female blogger Freedom for Egyptians writes:

"Denmark, Don’t Apologize. Stand for what you believe in, you take pride in your freedom then let it happen. If Muslims think that their lives are hung on one stupid cartoon, it is because we have nothing else to take pride in. It is not about Freedom of Expression. Denmark, you negotiate or compromise your Freedom of Expression with peoples and regimes that apply Freedom of Expression and that speak your language.
Oh and BTW, I am a Muslim and I love Danish Cheese.... Yummy!"

Other arabian bloggers (mostly Egyptian) have joined Freedom for Egyptians in backing freedom of expression. Interesting, indeed:

via, thanks , Frank.

A Moment of Truth

Excellent text by new danish blogger. Insted of one more Muhammed illustration (who, frankly speaking, I´m fed up with), I have chosen one of the disaster that goes under the name of "integration". Hans Christian Andersen by iclandic artist Thorarinn Leifsson.
A new non-political international movement is rising.4000 terror attacks after 9/11, the world was still slumbering. But 12 innocent satirical drawings in a Danish newspaper, the kind of cartoons printed daily by the thousands in newspapers all over the world, have changed the geopolitical situation.
-Suddenly, a new understanding is emerging across political differences. In recent years, the world crisis between Islam and the non-Muslim world has been discussed in thousands of books, countless television debates and millions of articles across the globe. It did nothing but divide us.
Even former western allies were divided, and a wave of anti-Americanism has swept even the free western societies.Now simple events, too ridiculous in size to mention, have changed all that.
For 1400 years, Islam waged war on all surrounding non-Muslim civilizations. Christianity was reformed, dictators lived, reigned and died, and totalitarian regimes emerged and vanished again.But Islam stayed. Unreformed.
And today, it imprisons more than 1 billion people, moderate and radical souls alike, in a huge gap of difference to the rest of us. Across political divides, across national boundaries, across degrees of freedom, black or white, rich or poor; it stands out as our opposite. Only Muslim reformists seek to lessen the gap. And their voices are quickly silenced.
In modern times, waves of immigrants from Muslim countries have entered Europe. All European countries have been subject to islamization; the process of slowly incorporating Islamic values and Muslim customs into our way of life. Far East countries like India, Thailand and China are experiencing the Muslim Jihad. Israel lives with it. America feels it. Africa suffers under it, and is too weak from disease and poverty to resist.
It is suddenly coming to our attention that Islam is not, can not, and will never be integrated or assimilated to the values of freedom and democracy. It is not only a religion; it is a totalitarian and expansionistic political ideology.It is a moment of truth.
The current events unfolding all over the world are opening the eyes of us all. 12 drawings have touched the soul of the free societies: The right to speak freely without fear.
The drawings did not cause this. But they catalyzed a world conflict dormant since the birth of Muhammed.Now we know what his face looks like. And we are still a majority on this earth to stand up to it. The current events will eventually lead to either a 3rd world war or finally some sort of Islamic self-realization that has been 1400 years in the making.
with thanks to:

and again, the world has been full of Muhammed pictures for many centuries, so stop making a nuisance of yourselves. Her´s a colourful selection:
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