fredag, februar 03, 2006

Boycott - oh, shit !

problem is : we have all the aces, what the Middle Eastern governments knows very well. Except, of course, for our fast growing muslim population This is a message to our children and grand children:
Danish business whines about 2,1% export market
........for example know that the boycot countries only make up 2,1 percent of total Danish exports?
I bet that the anti-boycot-actions in the US, Germany and many other countries where "Buy Danish" campaigns are spreading like wildfire will boost Danish exports and more that cover the lost 2,1% export.Corporate bullies like Arla should be careful in how they try to influence politics.The average Dane will not look away if Arla continue in pushing against freedom of speech.It is not an arab boycot Arla should fear - it is a Danish boycot of Arlas products that would really hurt them.

Oldest flag in the world
may survive for some time yet , though much despised these days:
Danish Flag Meaning:
The white cross on the Danish flag represents Christianity. The cross design of the Danish flag was also adopted by the other Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.Danish Flag History:
The Danish flag was adopted in 1625 and is generally considered the oldest continuously used national flag in the world. Legend has it that the Danish flag fell from the skies on June 15, 1219, the day in which King Waldemar II defeated the Estonians in battle. Historians, though, think the Danish flag was derived from old crusader banners of the time.

Sorry, sorry
Sorry for giving you shelter and help
Sorry for giving you an education
Sorry for helping you financially
Sorry for allowing you to freely follow your faith in our Christian land
Sorry for sending aid to your countries
Sorry for not demanding blood revenge for the murders on our fellow countrymen, committed by muslims
Sorry for not running around with explosives on our bodies, when we feel offended( by you muslims )
Sorry for us not simply doing like your faith demands
But an excuse for uttering an opinion in our own country within our own laws - that you will never get !

Letter from a reader in the Danish paper Eksta Bladet (

In swedish* (på svenska)
Ursäkta, ursäkta
Ursäkta, för att vi gav er husrum och hjälp.
Ursäkta, för att vi ger er utbildning.
Ursäkta, för att vi hjälper er ekonomiskt.
Ursäkta, för att ni fritt kan dyrka er tro i vårt kristna land.
Ursäkta, för att vi sänder hjälp till era länder.
Ursäkta, för att vi inte kräver blodshämnd för morden på våra landsmän begått av muslimer.
Ursäkta, för att vi inte springer omkring med sprängmedel på kroppen när vi upplever oss kränkta.
Ursäkta, för att vi inte gör som Er tro säger.
Men en ursäkt för att vi yttrar oss i vårt eget land efter egna lagar, den får ni aldrig.
*(this blog will eventually return to swedish, norwegian and danish language and subjects. By then non scandinavians can continue here :

quiet , almost idyllic in Copenhagen today. Only exception the friday prayer in the radio was right out of the the Sportspalast anno dazumal. (Cpgh. this afternoon:foto © webmaster

ADVAR - Nowegian action for solidarity with Denmark
Buy Danish:

Psychotic reaction
was a hit in 1966 with a band called Count Five. I wonder if the composer was called Muhammed, founder of the so called "religion of peace". British muslim demonstrated in London today, and they seem to have one desperate desire to butcher someone - just anyone. And they´ll propably just do that. When all this is over maybe we will know, if the europeans are still masters of their own house. Useful info for the future. What´s on TV now mostly resembles a documentary from a mental institution.
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