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Campania, Syditalien

øv. Poseidon , Hera , og Pallas Athene templet, Paestum, foto © Torben Hansen, maj 2007
Og så var det dagen, hvor jeg blev mindet om det romerske dictum: "Hospes, hostis" - en fremmed er en fjende (underforstået for os, de fredsforkælede: indtil det modsatte er bevist.)

Hvem har ansvaret for integration af unge med anden etnisk baggrund?
Socialdemokratiets leder, Helle Thorning-Schmidt sagde i sin grundlovstale forleden, at “vi kan i dag konstatere, at når det gælder uddannelse og integration af unge med anden etnisk baggrund end dansk, så har vi fejlet”.“Vi” har svigtet! Det må betyde danske politikere og offentlige forvaltninger. Udtalelsen rejser et par spørgsmål.Har immigranter og flygtninge ikke selv noget ansvar for at bibringe deres børn normer og værdier, der gør det muligt for skolen at uddanne dem, så de efterfølgende fungerer som nyttige samfundsborgere med en demokratisk mentalitet?Har den socialdemokratiske forkvinde kendskab til, hvordan det går med integration af tamiler, bosniere og vietnamesere? Øjensynligt optræder de kun sjældent i politiets døgnrapporter.
Gorm Strandvang.
Londonistan calling
Christopher Hitchens "På Gjengrodde Stier" i sin ungdoms Finsbury Park :

The London neighborhood of the author's youth, Finsbury Park, is now one of the breeding grounds for a new phenomenon: the British jihadist. How did a nation move from cricket and fish-and-chips to burkas and shoe-bombers in a single generation?
They say that the past is another country, but let me tell you that it's much more unsettling to find that the present has become another country, too. In my lost youth I lived in Finsbury Park, a shabby area of North London, roughly between the old Arsenal football ground and the Seven Sisters Road.
- Returning to the old place after a long absence, I found that it was the scent of Algeria that now predominated along the main thoroughfare of Blackstock Road. This had had a good effect on the quality of the coffee and the spiciness of the grocery stores. But it felt odd, under the gray skies of London, to see women wearing the veil, and even swathed in the chador or the all-enveloping burka. Many of these Algerians, Bangladeshis, and others are also refugees from conflict in their own country. Indeed, they have often been the losers in battles against Middle Eastern and Asian regimes which they regard as insufficiently Islamic. Quite unlike the Irish and the Cypriots, they bring these far-off quarrels along with them. And they also bring a religion which is not ashamed to speak of conquest and violence. [..]
The British have always been proud of their tradition of hospitality and asylum, which has benefited Huguenots escaping persecution, European Jewry, and many political dissidents from Marx to Mazzini. But the appellation "Londonistan," which apparently originated with a sarcastic remark by a French intelligence officer, has come to describe a city which became home to people wanted for terrorist crimes as far afield as Cairo and Karachi. The capital of the United Kingdom is, in the words of Steven Simon, a former White House counterterrorism official, "the Star Wars bar scene," catering promiscuously to all manner of Islamist recruiters and fund-raisers for, and actual practitioners of, holy war.

Vanity Fair

Paul Belien: Europeans' flight from Europe
Last year more than 155,000 Germans emigrated from their native country. Since 2004 the number of ethnic Germans who leave each year is greater than the number of immigrants moving in. [...]
- The situation is similar in other countries in Western Europe. Since 2003, emigration has exceeded immigration to the Netherlands. In 2006, the Dutch saw more than 130,000 compatriots leave. The rise in Dutch emigration peaked after the assassinations of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. This indicates that the flight from Europe is related to a loss of confidence in the future of nations which have taken in the Trojan horse of Islamism, but which, unlike the Trojans, lack the guts to fight.

Elsewhere in Western Europe immigration currently still surpasses emigration, though emigration figures are rising fast. In Belgium the number of emigrants surged by 15 percent in the past years. In Sweden, 50,000 people packed their bags last year -- a rise of 18 percent compared to the previous year and the highest number of Swedes leaving since 1892. In the United Kingdom, almost 200,000 British citizens move out every year.
Washington Times
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