mandag, august 29, 2005

"This is a war, not a picnic"

så er det snart godnat med Mansour fra Brønshøj. Jeg ser på Jihad.Malmø at de også har haft glæde af hans vold-CDér i Malmø:
Denmark Tries to Act Against Terrorism as Mood in Europe ShiftsLaw Raises Concerns of Civil Libertarians
By Kevin SullivanWashington Monday, August 29,
COPENHAGEN -- Said Mansour, a slightly built man with a bushy beard, believes Muslims have a right to kill Americans in Iraq because, he said, "This is war; it's not a picnic."
So, he explained in an interview last week, he had no qualms about downloading and burning CDs of Internet videos depicting beheadings in Iraq and speeches by Abu Musab Zarqawi, the terrorist mastermind behind much of the Iraqi insurgency.
Now, Danish police intend to make Mansour, 45, a Moroccan-born Danish citizen, the first person ever charged under an anti-terrorism law enacted in 2002 that forbids instigation of terrorism or offering advice to terrorists. Police sources said Mansour would probably be charged for distributing CDs that contained the inflammatory jihadist speeches and gruesome images.......................
Feeding the Jihad tiger
If We Cannot Trust You With Our Dead, How Can We Trust You With Our Living?
By Judith Apter Klinghoffer
Ms. Klinghoffer is senior associate scholar at the Political Science department at Rutgers University, Camden, and the author of Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East. She is also an HNN blogger. Click here for her blog.
July 30, the Jewish cemetery in Stockholm, Sweden caretakers discovered that many tombstones had been smashed, some totally destroyed.
SvD- kultur fråga til Hirsi Ali:
"Samtidigt säger du själv att det muslimska samhället är mentalt och materiellt efterblivet. Är inte det rasistiskt?"

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