torsdag, august 18, 2005

Lunch with Hirsi Ali

Man beundrer hendes fantastiske mod. Men hun er multikulturalist, hvilket minder mig om marxisterne - nemlig, det kommunistiske samfund findes ikke endnu, men paradis kommer. Jeg mener helvedet kommer. Havde jeg været Financial Times interviewer, ville jeg have undgået denne lidt uheldige sætning, alle body gards taget i betragtning:. We are sitting in a French cafe and for the sake of this article we speak mostly in English, although her Dutch is fluent. A perfect picture of our multicultural world.
Sacred freedom
By Ian Buruma
Having lunch with Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not a straightforward affair. Apart from being a Dutch parliamentarian for the VVD (liberal/conservatives), the young Somali-born politician is an activist for women’s rights, especially of Muslim women who are the victims of customs and “honour” codes that Hirsi Ali would like to see abolished. She wrote the script for the polemical short film Submission, directed by Theo van Gogh, who was murdered in November last year by an Islamist fanatic who was sentenced to life in prison last month. Hirsi Ali, Muslim-born and raised and openly critical of the Prophet (”a pervert”), would have been the killer’s preferred target, but since she had been under police protection since 2002, Van Gogh, who refused bodyguards, was probably killed, as it were, faute de mieux.
Hirsi Ali cannot take a step without an entourage of large, sharp-eyed men in sunglasses and suits. When we met in Paris, at the Brasserie de Bourbon - opposite the French parliament where she had just delivered a speech about immigration and integration - some of these men kept an eye on us from outside and some sat down at another table, scanning the joint over bottles of mineral water
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