torsdag, februar 02, 2006

English islamists target Denmark

Famous english sense of humor seems to have gone down the drain. Those nice, witty englishmen are not quite what they used to be.
Radical groups call on supporters to wage holy war against Israel and Denmark, slam Muhammad cartoons.
UK-based jihadist groups have issued calls for their followers to mobilize and wage "holy war" against Israel and Denmark in recent days through internet messages on their websites.
"The kuffar in their sustained crusade against Islam and Muslims have yet again displayed their hatred towards us this time by attacking the honour of our beloved Messenger Muhammad," a message in the Ghurabba website read.
'Denmark has history of blasphemy against Islam'
The website continued: "Denmark has a history of blasphemy against Islam… Last year the queen of Denmark aired her disapproval of Islam and for those ‘whom religion is their entire life.'"
In an explicit call for acts of murder, the site added: "At the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) there were individuals like these who dishonored and insulted him upon whom the Islamic judgment was executed. Such people were not tolerated in the past and throughout the history of Islam were dealt with according to the Shariah.",2506,L-3209844,00.html


Demonstration Friday 3rd February 2006 – Danish Embassy 55 Sloane Street, London SW1 – 2pm to 4pm
The recent cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper (Jyllands-Posten) and that were then re-printed in a Norwegian magazine, The Paris daily France Soir, The German Welt daily, Spanish and also Italian newspapers and which insult the Messenger Muhammad (saw) carry the death penalty in Islam for the perpetrators, since the Prophet said ‘Whoever insults a Prophet kill him".

Jordanian paper publishes cartoons
Tabloid Al -Shihan yesterday published 3 of the Muhammed cartoons published i JP in september 2005.
"Muslims in the world, be sensible" it says.
"What hurts islams the most ? These drawings or pictures of a hostage having his troat slit, or a suicide bomber blowing a wedding up in Amman ?"

PM Fogh Rasmussen meets the press
once a week. The meeting yesterday was entirely about the present situation.
video: 19:20 (in danish and later on - english)
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