tirsdag, juli 10, 2007

Jorden set EUROBIRD 10 sattelit

35. 815 km over 0°1'S 4°2'E kl. 21.40 dansk tid. "real time" . Et fantastisk site her. klik f. helskærm.


ved Fredensbro midt i København, nu vi er ved forunderlige billeder. "Det burde egentlig ikke kunne lade sig gøre" siger en kender. (foto© M.R.)

Britain should withdraw from the ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
giving 6 months notice, as is her right.
The terrorist suspects arrested this week will be able to remain in Britain indefinitely and at public expense whether or not they are found guilty. That is the conclusion of a report issued today by think-tank Migrationwatch which also recommends that we pull out of the ECHR and write our own human rights law appropriate to the new age of terrorism.
The report points out that Britain's continued adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is an attraction for terrorists to operate in and from Britain, secure in the knowledge that, even if convicted, they cannot be deported after serving their sentences. Article 3 of the Convention prohibits torture or inhumane treatment in member countries. It has been extended by case law to prohibit deportation to countries where there is a risk of such treatment. It is no longer possible, therefore, to balance the risk to the deportee against the risk that he might pose to British society.
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