søndag, maj 22, 2005

" It´s degrading "

GP har blik for de tunge problemer - eller bare hvilken forsamling han taler i :
PM sees too many near-naked women
From correspondents in Stockholm
May 22, 2005
THE Swedish media and advertisers were "degrading" women by using too many images of scantily dressed females, Prime Minister Goran Persson said overnight.He held out the prospect of legislation to stop the trend, but one tabloid immediately accused him of planning to censor the press.
"Society can do its bit, but we must distance ourselves form this degrading ... almost pornographic offering which we see in certain media," the TT news agency quoted Mr Persson as saying during a speech at a Social Democrat women's congress.
"Wherever you go in Sweden you see pictures of young women, almost naked. It is used as a commercial argument to sell products. It is degrading."......................................http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.jsp?sectionid=1274&storyid=3164768
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