onsdag, november 10, 2004

Hollands nye nazister - og DN´s medløbere

The Telegrph - straightforeward:

For the Dutch, this murder is not only sinister: it is symbolic. Van Gogh - distantly related to Holland's most celebrated artist - was shot on his bicycle, another national emblem. As he writhed on the ground, the murderer cut his throat without mercy and left him with two knives protruding from his body: a method that is apparently common in North Africa, but unheard of here. Just in case there was any doubt about the symbolism of this butchery, a note was found pinned to his chest, containing death threats against three other public figures.


DN´s lederskribent Barbro Hedvall flytter nødigt sine positioner tilbage for lidt blods skyld, og konkluderer:

Det är en svår uppgift att föra fram denna toleransens och mångfaldens idé, särskilt när människor mördas och skolor bombas. Ändå är den det gemensamma kittet i det europeiska samarbetet. Alternativet har prövats.

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