lørdag, december 11, 2004

Dhimmi Swedish media


Dhimmi Swedish media disagree with Fox News “propaganda”From Ali Dashti:(A reaction to the news in this thread: Swedes Reach Muslim Breaking Point)

This local Swedish newspaper for the Malmø region feels insulted by the image Steve Harrigan from Fox News gave of parts of the city as essentially lawless and ruled by violent street gangs of Muslim immigrant youngsters. At the same time, they admit the city does have significant problems, and that many citizens are very angry. They also label Fox News a “Republican propaganda channel”:http://w1.sydsvenskan.se//Article.jsp?article=10102443

If anything, the claims made both on this website and by Fox News are understated. The problems in the city of Malmø are even worse than what Harrigan portrayed, and they are found in most of Sweden’s major ­ and some minor - cities today:http://www.svd.se/dynamiskt/inrikes/did_8678661.asp

Some extracts:The number of ghettos (a phenomenon that until recently was unheard of in wealthy and egalitarian Scandinavian nations) has been increasing explosively. 14 years ago, there were only 3 such areas in all of Sweden. Today, there are 136. “Ghettos” are here defined as areas where fewer than 60% of the adult population are working, where few people vote and where school results are significantly below national minimum requirements. Integration spokesman for Folkpartiet, Mauricio Roias, is afraid that if nothing is done about the situation, these quarters will “break loose”, and that “people might get shot”What Roias isn’t saying is that people ALREADY “get shot”, and stabbed, and mugged, and raped and get stones thrown at them in Sweden’s suburbs. The latest fad right now seems to be putting fire to schools, as quite a few school buildings have burnt down from suspected arson recently.
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