mandag, november 07, 2005

Lárme Secrète de la Diplomatie Francaise

"Foreign ministry. Making sure you´ll get screwed real good"

the dissident frogman is proud to present an exclusive and rare document: the very reason why France does not fear to sleep with the Saddamites and other Dickheads threatening us.
From the French Diplomacy's arsenal :
We have nothing to fear, it's going to slip in soft and silkily. So why the hell should we go to war?
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It's a Muslim theocracy!
A very productive night for the new French powers-that-be. 1408 torched vehicles, 395 arrests, and one fatwa.
A social club was burned down in Aulnay-sous-Bois and a pharmaceutical warehouse was torched in Suresnes. A 3000m2 producton studio on the banks of the Seine was partially burned in Asnières-sur-Seine.
Other regions of France suffered increased attacks : Le Havre, à Rouen, Nantes, Blois, Tours, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Mulhouse and Colmar were particularly affected. 2 churches were torched; Saint-Edouard in Lens and one in Sète. Schools in Nantes, Strasbourg, Lille, and two in Saint-Etienne were targeted by arson attacks. A police stations in Clermont Ferrand was totally destroyed and another one was smashed by a vehicle in Moulin-à-Vent...........................
- More importantly, and to the point, the Union of Islamic Organisations of France issued a fatwa ordering young Muslims to calm themselves and to meditate. The Union also included a statement which squarely places the responsibility of the riots on failed French policies regarding immigration and minorities.

Is Paris Burning?
In 1944, as Allied armies fought their way across France, Hitler ordered Paris be burned to the ground as German troops withdrew. To his credit, German General Von Choltitz refused to carry out the order and surrendered the "City of Light" to Free French forces.
The French government is having another battle for Paris. Last week, night after night, young Muslim men rioted and torched sections around the city. American news coverage of the destruction has been via camera kid gloves. Viewing CNN and other broadcasts, a watcher would get the impression that some young people are rioting due to random views about poverty.
The French did not assimilate their immigrant population — something this nation does extremely well — but, even so, the fiery fighting in the streets of Paris is the result of the bitter clash of cultures and civilizations.
Europe, for all its former mindless belief in multiculturalism, is facing bombings in London, riots in France and Denmark, the murder of a Dutch film producer and high crime rates. It seems unlikely that disparate groups can coexist within a nation without sharing at least some basic values. People in and around Paris are now no doubt wishing their nation had looser gun control laws.
This is not time for satisfaction even though in 1992, the then- French president said America’s "conservative" society headed by Presidents Bush and Reagan were to blame for the Los Angeles riots.
There are also lessons from Paris for the United States, particularly in regards to unrestricted immigration, and the current fetish in academia for multicultural studies.
If the French do not act quickly, as one blogger noted, they will soon find out what fascists without the humanitarianism of Gen. Choltitz will do to their beloved Paris.
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