fredag, august 12, 2005

The islamiszation of Europa

by Patrick Sookhdeo 11 august
Friday 20th May 2005 a crowd of some 300 Muslims burned a wooden cross outside the American embassy in London. This was part of a protest against the rumoured desecration of a Qur'an by American soldiers in Guantanamo Bay, during which British and American flags were also burned. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this event was that it was not deemed to be newsworthy, receiving little attention in the national press. The whole scenario is reminiscent of what happens in so many Muslim-majority countries: a rumour of an insult to Islam, a violent and blasphemous anti-Christian reaction, police watching idly, and a complete lack of public interest let alone outrage. It could have been Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia or Northern Nigeria. But it was the UK.
..........Despite the variety of opinion amongst Muslims, it is not hard to recognize the different stages of the Islamic Council of Europe's strategy being put into practice within today's Europe. Muslims do tend to live in tightly concentrated areas, and show little sign of integrating into wider society.

Saudi funding is paying for the erection of large and beautiful mosques, staffed by imams brought over to Europe from the "home countries".
Sweden's third largest city, Malmø, is effectively ruled by violent gangs of Muslims, and some of the Muslim residents of the city still cannot read or write Swedish though they have lived there for 20 years. Denmark has recently seen the Nordgårdsskolen in Aarhus become the first school in the country to have 100% Muslim pupils. Britain's Muslim population (variously estimated at between 1.6 and 3 million) is concentrated in three areas: north-west England, the midlands and London. In some of these areas Muslims are now targeting the remaining Christian presence, arsoning churches, physically attacking church leaders and their property; the aim seems to be to "cleanse" these areas of non-Muslims..........................
Icke begivenheden
Moskebranden i Malmø, det er næsten som om den aldrig har fundet sted, som salig Tage Danielsson sagde om Three Mile Island ulykken i sin sketch. En søgning på Google giver 22 hits. Jeg fald forleden over denne korte sammenfatning fra norsk FOMI, og den sammenfatter meget godt de mange artikler Sydsvenskan skrev, indtil der pludselig blev helt tyst. Så tyst at mange Københavnere aldrig har hørt om den - trods 22 km i luftlinje.:

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