mandag, oktober 24, 2005

"Infidels come to muslims rescue"

I Pakistan Times rister Fazanah Shah sine troende landsmænd for deres fuldstændige fravær i katastrofehjælpen. Mens de har for travlt med at fordømme Vesten og al dens væsen, til at en røre en finger for ofrene. Det gør derimod utallige "vantro lande".
I denne forbindelse må nævnes: Pakistan bruger 3.848 milliarder dollars (4.9% af BNP) på militær. (Danmark bruger 1.5% af BNP). Mens den ludfattige pakistaner har 2.200 dollars BNP pr. capita - 30.000 dollars mindre end en dansker. Tror Fanden at Pakistan er afhængig af "vantro hjælp" - nu Allah altså ikke iler dem til hjælp.

The massive earthquake, the most devastating in the history of the country has left thousands homeless; thousands dead and the toll continues to rise as the harsh winter is approaching fast.
- "However, what we did not see, unfortunately, were the most of our otherwise highly vocal and venerated personalities at the scenes of disaster. Though, some were seen in the media pictures; in one, 6 of them childishly holding on to an atta bag being doled out to an old woman. Clearly, more of a photo session than a humane act!One might be forced to think as to what is amiss in us; unfortunately, the answer appears to be 'the lack of sense of responsibility' on the part of our religio-political parties in this hour of our national trial.
It is very hurting that the so called well-wishers of Islam, who always vow saving Muslims around the world by announcing Jihad, did not think even for a minute to give a similar call for saving the lives of their own countrymen hit by the worst earthquake.
Just from mere expression of grief over the quake devastation, from Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Qazi sahab, we have not heard anything practical from them for the quake-affectees.
Giving calls for strikes against government and staging long marches on the smallest pretext, be it a hike in petroleum price or something else, has been their favourite pastime. But when the call was needed the most we did not hear anything from them. They have the experience of mobilizing thousands of youth for Jihad, and had they mobilized some for the relief activities in quake-hit areas hundreds of the victims could have been saved.
In the days following the earth quake the extent of damage and loss of life in the NWFP areas was not immediately known. However, soon afterwards it was apparent that the damage had been massive. What is still surprising that even after the passage of 9 days the religo-political parties have not bothered to mobilize their activists for the relief work in affected areas."

Åtta år med Nollrasism
intet kan desillusionere en svensk "do-good ér" og pædagog:
Få frågor är viktigare än kampen mot rasism och främlingsfientlighet. TV4 genomför nu för åttonde året i rad sin temavecka Nollrasism. Årets fokus riktas mot hur den svenska bostadsmarkanden fungerar.
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