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Roger Scruton i Antwerpen igår:

"For a long time now the European political class has been in denial about the problems posed by the large-scale immigration of people who do not enter into our European way of life. It has turned angrily on those who have warned against the disruption that might follow, or who have affirmed the right of indigenous communities to refuse admission to people who cannot or will not assimilate. And one of the weapons that the élite has used, in order to ensure that it is never troubled by the truths that it denies, is to accuse those who wish to discuss the problem of ‘racism and xenophobia’.
- People of my generation have been brought up in fear of this charge, just as the people of Salem were brought up in the fear of being denounced as witches. We saw what happened to Enoch Powell, as a result of a public speech that warned against the dangers. I don’t say that Powell’s speech, in which he referred to ‘the river Tiber foaming with much blood’, was wise or helpful. On the contrary, it was all too easy to accuse him of scaremongering, and his quotation from the Cumean Sybil in Aeneid Bk VI – which of course nobody recognized – was instantly re-written as ‘rivers of blood’, and he himself dismissed as a dangerous madman.
- That was virtually the last time that a British politician dared to warn against the effect of large-scale immigration. (april 1968 - min anmærkning)
- Since then an uneasy silence has prevailed at the political level, while discussion at every other level has been hampered by the periodic show-trials of those judged to be guilty of ‘racism’ – for example, because they have argued that immigrant communities must integrate, and that separatism is intrinsically dangerous: the position adopted by The Salisbury Review under my editorship, and which was the cause of my own castigation.
- By denying a problem you prevent its discussion, until discussion is too late. Throughout the thirties the European political élite lived in denial over German re-armament. By the time the truth could no longer be hidden, it was impossible to deter Hitler’s seizure of Czechoslovakia.
- Reflecting on such examples it is surely reasonable to conclude that we have a duty now to brave the charge of ‘racism and xenophobia’, and to discuss every aspect of immigration. We owe this not just to the indigenous people of Europe, but to the immigrants themselves, who have just as great an interest in peaceful coexistence as the rest of us."
Roger Scruton on Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Need to Defend the Nation State
Kaspar Støvring om Scruton og oikofoberne
Scruton om Nationernes nødvendighed

Lav-intensitets terror
og en meget farlig og dyr sådan:
Vällingbyskolan i Stockholm stod i lågor natten till i går. Polisen misstänker att någon har tänt på. Antalet skolbränder i landet ökar dramatiskt och kostade förra året omkring 300 miljoner kronor.
Men statistik visar att skolbränder ökar dramatiskt i Sverige. Förra året brann omkring 200 svenska skolor, en ökning med 50 procent jämfört med 1997.
Mordbrand på Vällingbyskolan
Fallen Angel
og tænk, så kom DR 2 op på dupperne og sendte dokumentarfilmen om Gram Parsons forleden. Man tilgiver næsten den halvfjogede værtinde, der havde inviteret Steen Jørgensen og en anden god gæst i studiet, men mest for at snakke om den eksotiske skæbne Parsons lig fik. Tak alligevel. Hør hans to plader med den purunge Emmylou Harris!
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